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Business Law

All business law services for non-Finnish residents and companies operating or willing to operate in Finland

Real Estate Law

All real estate law services for construction companies, private customers, property owners, and developers operating or willing to in Finland

Inheritance and Family Law

Legal matters concerning inheritance and family law in Finland

Trusted law firm for our clients since 1994

Heikkilä & Co is a law firm of 19 lawyers and experts and has been operating in Finland since 1994.

We can always claim to be our customers’ trusted law firm, but we prefer to let our customers speak for us. Below are excerpts from the great feedback we have received.

Right from the start of our interaction, I got the impression that you would take care of the matter and that you were ‘on our side’. Personally, I felt that this sense of trust was very important throughout the whole process. Your professional approach significantly increased this trust, with clear and well-formed responses, for example. At times, you also had to support the mental aspect when my level of worry due to the issue rose :-) Thank you very much again

Things have been handled smoothly. Always correct and prompt service. I recommend!

Cargosafe Oy

Fantastic service. It’s great how you really delve into matters and complete the work thoroughly to the end. It was good value for money. A big thank you!

Sami P.

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Sales and customer service

Why to choose Heikkilä & Co law firm to assist you in legal matters?

  • Nine out of ten of our clients would recommend us to a friend or business associate, as confirmed by our feedback survey from 01/21 to 11/23.
  • Our real estate lawyers and corporate attorneys handle about 600 different types of cases each year, accumulating knowledge and expertise for the entire legal team.
  • All of our lawyers have access to the whole team’s knowledge and experience

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